Monday, January 31, 2011

Payday Treats!

Ok, picture the scene. I had not been paid in over five whole weeks, the last payday being Christmas eve's eve where, naturally enough said paycheck was spent on last minute gifts. So, self sacrificing for the entirety of January until the wonderful moment that my manager informed me that we are not getting paid on the last day of the month as usual, we were getting paid TODAY!
So, I asked myself; "What is a girl to do?".
Instantly, she replied; "SHOP"
Seemed like a reasonable enough suggestion..

As this was an emergency shopping trip, I only had time to make one stop, New Look.
First up, sunglasses. As much as I would love to invest in a pair of designer shades, I have a habit of sitting on them in my car (don't ask), so the cheaper the better! Available here.

As winter is drawing to a close (yippee!), my shearling boots (mentioned here) are in need of replacement. I chose these cute ankle boots, they have a wedge heel and are incredibly comfy! Expect to see these featured in an OOTD soon. Available here.

Finally, I picked up these super purdy earrings. I am a sucker for New Look accessories. On the most part they are good quality, especially for the price! These earrings just screamed out to me, I had no choice but to purchase both pairs. They lean towards this summers huge 70's trend and I absolutely love them! Available here.

I hope you enjoyed my mini-haul here. :o)
What were your payday purchases? Please comment and let me know, or link me to your blog!
Thank you for reading,
Loves H xxxx


  1. I love the jumper. I got paid today but I'm holding off spending until I go to Manchester in a few weeks. :)


  2. @Jess Thanks I love it too! Oh Enjoy Manchester, the shops are sooo good there! xx

  3. Love the ankle boots, they're lovely x

  4. I need to get new sunglasses for my car now that the sky is clearing up, the sun is blinding!!!

  5. @Rosie Yes, my boyfriend couldn't believe I bought sunglasses in January. The winter sun is blinding! :o)

  6. Love the purchases :) the booties are adorable! xx


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