Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In and Out #1 + NOTD

The super-laziest type of blog to post, and not entirely fashion/beauty related, but I am always compelled to read them when I see them on other
people's blogs, so here goes...

Shopping my nail polish stash- Ok so the acrylics are off (yet again), a lot more painlessly this time, I must add! Instead of nurturing my poor paper thin nails like last time, I was far too tempted by my all too neglected nail polishes. I
whacked on Barry M Berry Ice Cream nail paint, a creamy lavender, and instantly felt happier! Next up is Mint Green, why not? Spring is a-coming!

The Obligatory January diet- Cut out the bad food, eat the good. Simple? Not so much. Even if I don't buy the "bad" food, I am surrounded by it. Therefore, temptation is inevitable. :o(

Fashionable trainers!- I am so not the type of girl to wear trainers anywhere excepting a gym, but when I came across these cuties I couldn't resist! I like to wear them with my ripped, faded and wholly lived in River Island Boyfriend Jeans and a plain white vest, or cute T-Shirt. I am not a huge fan of the
trainers-and-skinny-jeans trend but I may be a convert now! They are by K Swiss and they are available at Schuh.

Happy Music- Namely Happiness by Alexis Jordan and Let the Sun Shine by Labyrinth. Definitely worth a listen!

The 70's- Huge trend for SS11, loving the chiffon, ruffles and wide sleeves all in ice cream shades. I just cannot wait to buy my very first pair of high waisted jeans! :o)

Milky Tea- Namely, because to me, milky tea = biscuits. In turn this = Diet Disaster! So, I have started drinking herbal tea. Twinings Fresh and Fruity variety is my favourite, especially the Blackcurrant, Ginseng and Vanilla and Raspberry, Strawberry and Loganberry. I am also planning to try the soothing Cammomile based teas too!

The first half of my degree- This means that I have a mere 18 months left in Uni before I'm left out in the big bad world. It's a really really scary feeling right now.

The "Preppy" look- I can't help noticing the big trend at the moment of baseball jackets, rugby shirt-type tops and American baseball type tops. I'm not atall sure of where the inspiration for this trend has come from (Glee?), but I really don't think it does the classic preppy look justice. Not for me thanks, I will be sticking to my Hilfiger polo shirt and skinny jeans, thank you very much!

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