Thursday, January 27, 2011

NOTD- Spring!

In my seemingly never-ending mission to get rid of the winter blues, I dug out my favourite polish from last summer. It is a direct dupe for Chanel Jade Green polish, which is unfortunately, at £17.50 is a slightly too much for such an "out there" colour (at least for me!).
Here is the Chanel version...

Enter another fabulous dupe...

Barry M Nail Paint
304 Mint Green
Much more purse-friendly at £2.99!
Two coats gave a perfectly opaque finish, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails used as a base.



  1. Thank you for following me lovely. I have this Barry M polish and it is indeed a gorgeous colour. :)


  2. loved the nail polish :D
    you just got a new follower (: xxx Ann

  3. @jess, Ellie and Ann Thank you all ever so much <3

  4. I love Barry M Mint Green except sometimes I feel like its a little too bold and find it doesn't go with any of my clothes unless I'm wearing black and during the summer that was rare! I've just came across your blog and am enjoying reading your posts! Would love if you'd check out mine too! :) ps, you are gorgeous!


Let me know what you think, lovely ladies... <3


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