Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Montagne Jeunesse yummy face masks

Yumminess personified in handy little sachets!
The Hot Chocolate one is absolutely divine. It is pore cleansing, so I used this when I was carrying out my post-exam skin clear up. It has a lovely thick consistency and has that wonderful self-heating thing going on which is always a novelty! The chocolate orange scent is truly good enough to eat and contains Mediterranean clay, dark chocolate and orange oil, yum!

*lol at tanned hand swatch v natural :o)
The Very Berry mask has one gorgeous scent: blackcurrant chewits, delicious. This one is lighter in texture than the Hot Chocolate one, and is for deep cleansing. I only applied a little bit of this when I this evening, and unlike the chocolate one it dried into my skin before the 15 minutes was up. My skin doesn't feel as soft as it did with the chocolate, however the chewits scent lingers which is a definite plus in my book! Also I do feel that less is more with this one, so you can definitely get quite a few uses out of it.

As always, these sachets contain enough for at least two generous applications, and for just over a euro they are a must have for all girlie nights in!
Have you tried these?


  1. Ohh... these sound lovely. Will have to give them a go!!! :) xox

  2. I love these face masks! Deff my fav brand :)

  3. Ive not tried these too but I love face masks! I'll need to look out for these! xx

  4. @Jen Yay I would definitely recommend them :o) x

    @Emily Mine too! They're so good! x

    @MyButterfly63 Yes do!!! I am sure you'll love them :o) x

  5. I like the look of the chocolate one! :) x

  6. I've used these in the past and really liked them, might have to buy some more because my skin needs a bit of a pamper. Not sure how i'll resist licking them off my face though because they smell so good!


  7. I NEED to try the chocolate one, sounds fab! X


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