Thursday, January 5, 2012

I lilac it!

Don't get me wrong, I adore pink. But with last summers coral trend showing us that non-pinks are very wearable and flattering, I started wondering what other tones could tick the same boxes. Looking at this summers huge pastel trend, why not lilac?

Revlon Super Lustrous gloss 'Lilac Pastelle' / Revlon Colorburst lipstick 'Lilac'
As far as I'm concerned, Revlon is one of the top brands for lip products in the drugstore. The packaging is sleek and expensive looking and they have a huge shade range. I couldn't be more impressed by the gloss- this was one of the range brought out for last summer- and the colour payoff is fantastic. I also love the shade, definitely a cool lilac however very wearable. The lipstick in 'Lilac' isn't all that lilac really, more of a mauve/pink however when paired with the gloss gives a very wearable, bright lilac lip.
(l-r) gloss, lipstick, combined
 The next purple pop comes from my favourite MAC collection last year: 'Quite Cute'.
MAC Mineralize Blush 'Sakura'
This pretty little blush consists of a soft lavender colour with a deeper pink-toned heart insert. However scary this may look, it actually is very wearable. As you will be able to see from the swatches below, when the two colours are swirled together this gives a pretty flush to the cheeks, I use my MAC 187 brush for the most natural application. Although on the whole I do prefer warmer tones on my skin, this being a mineralise formula it's much more forgiving and very wearable. Unfortunately this was LE, however check eBay and CCO's, you might strike it lucky! 
(l-r) both shades together, just the outer part
Would you incorporate lilac into your makeup this spring?


  1. I love the look of the Revlon lippie looks fab if only I could pull that colour off xx

  2. i love the look of lilac makeup! never really thought about it, but i think i could be swayed, these products look great!

  3. @LauraMcK You could!! It's really quite wearable :o) x

    @Victoria Yes!! Take the plunge, you won't regret it! x

  4. That revlon lipstick looks lovely! I never would have braved trying lilac make-up before...think I might just give it a go :) xx

  5. i have been eying that revlon lip gloss stuff and now you have influenced me to buy both of the revlon's! I would love to see a swatch on the lips girl

  6. They all look so pretty! Wish I could pull them off :( I have been tempted to get MAC Up The Amp lipstick! xxx

  7. Class post title, very smart!! ;) Purple shades are my fav make up colours. My nearest Revlon stockist is crap.... boo :(

  8. Lovely post! Really want that MAC blush!! :) x

  9. @Sarah Do it girl, it really isn't all that scary unless you wear it all in one go that is :P x

    @Erica Oh no sorry I knew there was something I forgot :o( I think I'll do a FOTD with these though :o) x

    @Amy I really didn't think I could pull off these but I was pleasantly surprised! I adore Up The Amp, these are cheaper alternatives though x

    @FitzNBitz haha thank you! yeah I love them too- I adore mauve shades so I thought why not lilac!Oh no, really? try ebay act its often cheaper x

  10. Love purple make up I have loads it looks scary in the packaging but gorgeous on. Love the new blog layout by the way :-) I normally read on my phone xx

  11. with my skin tone i dont think i can wear lilac :( im green with envy! :D

  12. That MAC eyeshadow is so cute! I'm boring with makeup and stick with the same thing allll the time, probably not a good thing

  13. yup, been obsessed with illamasqua lipgloss in fierce, a beautiful lilac lavender

  14. This post reminded me I must dig out my Lilac Pastelle, it's such a pretty colour! I also love Up the Amp and Violetta lipsticks but I'm not quite brave enough to rock the latter in the daytime, the lipgloss is a good wearable alternative! x


Let me know what you think, lovely ladies... <3


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