Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Endless Repurchase #1: Maybelline One By One mascara

I think this blog sometimes shows my frivolousness when it comes to makeup, the amount of lipgloss floating in my handbag on any given day proves this! So it's about time I pay homage to those items I take for granted, but completely could not live without.
Number one is one of Maybelline's big mascara releases last year: One By One.
The brush is my favourite kind- plastic with long bristles that distribute the product evenly and with minimal clumps.
The formula is very black (technical term there!) and stays black until you take it off. In saying that, removal is a breeze. With previous HG mascaras of mine (ex-lover L'Oreal Telescopic, for instance) I would just have to apply a little bit of a different mascara on the end of my lashes for a little boost- however with this I just don't feel the need.

The same applies to this as lots of other mascaras I have tried in that they start to work better once they have dried out a little, but even brand new it still works fantastically. Non clumpy, jet black long lashes with a curl, a far cry from their stumpy blonde natural state.  
I will be holding off buying the extremely highly acclaimed Benefit "They're Real" for as long as this continues to do its job- I just cannot fault it!

Do you rate Maybelline's One By One?


  1. this may be next on my list! x

  2. I know so many people love this mascara, so this is definitely next on my list after I finish my bourjois volumizer! ps. i love your blog layout! xx

    1. Ooh I must try the volumiser! Thank you! xxx

  3. I've never tried this mascara, I think it's now next on my to-buy list! X

  4. D'ya know, I don't know why but I have never given this mascara a chance
    I should cos the brush looks lovely.
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  5. I've looked at this a dew time but am always put off by how small the wand is for some reason!

  6. never tried it but now i want to! love most maybelline mascaras

  7. I tried this mascara & didn't go much on it! It was lovely when I applied it but threw out the day flaked loads :( glad you got on with it better! Benefit they're real is on my list!


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