Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gunmetal Nails

Max Factor Max Effect Mini polish 'Silver'
'Tis the season to be shimmery, right? But wearing brightly coloured and glitzy nails just don't feel right for me in the depths of winter (I just reread that and yes, I am insane). So when I found this little beauty in my collection, completely unused I thought it ticked all the boxes.

In actual fact, It's better than I anticipated. After a rocky start (the first two coats look like actual nothing), about four coats in gave this beautiful dark grey with shimmery particles, silver in some lights and multicoloured in others.

Truly very very pretty and quite a winner in my book. Slight pain in that it took five coats to achieve the effect above, especially regarding the size of the bottle (a teeny 4.5ml). However it's as far away as you can get from the old faithful Lincoln Park After Dark winter nails, without venturing too far into glitziness.
What is your ideal winter nail colour?


  1. ive been wearing a gold topshop colour and im loving it! i love glitter polishes, and this ones similar to yours in the shimmer sense. perfect for christmas :) i was wearing coral the other day and it felt all wrong!

  2. Try using 2 coats of this over a black base layer! Much easier than 4 or 5 coats!

  3. ooo lovely colour im liking dark purples etc, but i must admit i do like all the glitter polishes going around, their just to much effort to maintain and remove haha xx

  4. I really like these mini MaxFactor nail varnishes! I have a gold one and like this one it's nonexistent until you put about 4-5 coats on! haha but really worth it, i recommend the gold one, think it's named Bronze though but it's definitely gold! haha


  5. Ooo I have this polish! Its really cute! Hope you are well! xx

  6. this is gorgeous i love the revlon fuchets of fuschia a gorgeous purple with gold chunks

  7. Oooh this nice but a heck of a lot of hard work! 4 or 5 coats is ridic!

  8. @Victoria Sounds fabulous! I completely agree, corals and the like just feel plain wrong this time of year :o) x

    @Girlwiththeskewearring What a great idea! I really don't want to waste this doing so many coats as it's such a teeny bottle. x

    @SophieLou Couldn't agree more! The shimmery ones are a nice alternative to straight out glitter. I thought this would be a pain to remove with the 5 coats but it wasn't, yey! x

    @Angie Oooh I actually spotted that one in Boots today, must pick up next time! They are pretty fabulous when all on though aren't they? x

    @ComputerGirl It truly is! And I am, thank you :o) x

    @BeautyFiend Ooh now that sounds stunning! I will have to check it out x

    @ScienceGeek IKR! Still, very pretty x

  9. Lovely colour but my god, I would not be bothered. I would have smudged it by the 3rd coat lol. Love your new design darling <3 xx

  10. This colour is just gorgeous, bit of a shame about the required four coats though! xx


Let me know what you think, lovely ladies... <3


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