Thursday, December 22, 2011

Exam Time Skin Saviours

In a nutshell, when i is stressed - my skin completely shows it. Final year exams are no joke, and thanks to these three little gems I managed to stay sane (on the outside, anyway!).

MAC Studio Finish concealer - NW30
Half way through my exams, I exasperatedly ran to my MAC counter to look for a fix as my Moisture Cover concealer just wasn't strong enough. I had already purchased this but discarded it as it was just too thick and the colour the MUA matched me to was completely wrong. However when I was shown the same concealer in my 'winter' shade (NC30, I photographed the wrong concealer here) I was converted, again. It's bloody thick, but it works very well with my <3 Studio Fix foundation. Warning: not for those favouring 'the natural look', this will literally mask whatever you put it over.

Sleek Pout Polish 'Monte Carlo'
I brought this back from London last summer after hearing rave reviews, yet I actually wasn't over struck on it. I could never fault the moisturizing qualities and pretty pink sheen, however the chemical aftertaste left little to be desired. When exam time and winter rolled around though, I found myself using this all of the time. Aftertaste aside, it gave enough colour to complete my makeup and kept chapped lips at bay.

Johnson's body lotion 'Dreamy Skin'
After a hard day of studying (and too much caffeine) I found it impossible to unwind and sleep. However my mum gave me this and I truly believe it made a difference. I applied it after my shower and not only does it leave skin silky smooth, it smells of lavender (they say 'moonflower', I insist it's lavender.) which is renound for its sleep-aiding abilities. Also I have the world's most sensitive skin, and this didn't irritate my eczema one little bit.

What are your stress saviors?


  1. I have the bath version of Dreamy Skin and its great. My skin either gets super dry or really oily when I'm stressed, so annoying! Hope your exams went well. x

  2. I just awarded your blog :) xox

  3. I really want a Pout Polish, they seem like the perfect product for on the go! Love the products you mentioned, I really want to try that body lotion. <3 :)

  4. @LilyLipstick Do you? I would love to get more from the range I think it's really effective! Ugh isn't it annoying how our skin reflects like that- pain! And I think they did, thanks :o) x

    @Tinkerbelldani I'll check it out, thank you! x

    @Summer They are awesome! and I would totally recommend the body lotion x

  5. I couldn't use the Sleek Pout Polish in Monte Carlo cos I literally couldn't stand the taste. It's rank. Shame really, I love the Pout Polish in Scandal.. totally doesn't taste as bad. Weird! xx

  6. I think exactly the same thing about the pout polishes from sleek! they look nice on, but taste minging!if i wear it all day eventually it makes me feel a bit sick. worth it for how pretty (and cheap) they are! x


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