Thursday, December 22, 2011

the fail-safe eye combo

Benefit Creaseless Cream "Flatter Me" / Benefit Velvet shadow "Rich Beach" / MAC 217 Brush
You know the drill, It's that "I have five minutes left to get out of the door or I am going to be sooooo late" make-up application where a full base-lid-crease-highlight process just isn't going to happen. For me, it included getting up at silly o'clock in effort to get a seat in my College's study room during my Christmas exams, over time I became accustomed to this lovely little combo.

Firstly, Benefit Creaseless Creams, how I love thee. They're an absolute beaut to work with, I would say they are thicker in consistensy to MAC Paint Pots and therefore are way more pigmented. I have heard that some people experience creasing with these, however I never had (thankfully, the name should be a giveaway). "Flatter Me" is a beautiful taupe/champagne hybrid which works well under almost all shadows.

Benefit Velvet Shadows are another love of mine. I would liken their buttery texture to that of Urban Decay rather than MAC (an absolute winner in my book), and their longevity over the base is wonderful. "Rich Beach" is a definite warm gold shade but with a slightly brown leaning, very appropriate for this 'brown sugar' shade.

My MAC 217 brush is one that I just could not live without. The fluffy brush is just perfect for dusting a light coating of this shadow over the base, ensuring that without the crease and highlight steps it doesn't look too harsh.

That, with a quick flick of Blacktrack and a coating of Maybelline Falsies I am on my merry way!
Do you have an 'old dependable' eyeshadow combo?


  1. Both of these colours are gorgeous and it's a really lovely combo.

  2. My go to look is Nubile paint pot and mac shale and contrast. I gave you an award.

  3. @CornflakeGirl Thank you, I really like it too!

    @Sarah Oooh gorgeous, thank you for the award I will check it out x


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