Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tanning Tuesday: Facial Tanning

Yay! It's time for another Tanning Tuesday! This time I am going to talk all about facial tanning, something that really needs to be considered when getting into your summer false tanning routine. Sure you can use the tan you use on your body on your face, but the chemicals do break me out (I have very sensitive skin) so a facial tanner is a must. I have been using and repurchasing L'Oreal Sublime Bronze for face for nearly two years now and I definitely think it's the best I have ever used.

It has a really clever dual pump system, one of which is the tanning gel, the other a moisturizer. When pumped out and applied it is very subtle yet instant, and the next morning (how long I like to leave it for) it results in a nice glow. This is actually my summer holiday must have, with this I am more than confident to go out in the daytime and sometimes evenings with just this, a dusting of bronzer and some mascara. 
I am not the hugest fan of the actual L'Oreal sublime gel as a false tanner on the whole, I went through a phase of using that about four years ago and it is a little hard to apply because of the gel consistency. However with the moisturiser it is absolutely perfect!
Best part of all = it has never broken me out. Woohoo!
Alternatively... a DIY facial tanner is necessary (ie. when I run out/forget the good stuff). Using the same theory as the L'Oreal, I just add some moisturiser and some tan.

Here I have used some E45 lotion and some St.Tropez spray.
However, be warned! This may break you out. I tried it with Xen Tan last week and believe me, I am still dealing with the consequences.
Also, don't expect face tanners to last long once applied if your cleansing routine is as complex as mine, I do have to reapply every couple of days with this, whereas my body tan would last about 4/5 days. It is worth it though, I do find that when I have a facial tanner on beneath my foundation, it gives me a sort of 'glow' and makes the tan look a whole lot more natural!

If you have any questions feel free to comment below or tweet me @hannahbanana661 :o)
Happy Tanning!
H xoxo


  1. this is a must try for sure!!!!! i used self tanner the other night and you can see from a photo on my blog how horrid it turned out LOL! i need help!!!!

  2. Great post, I always mix my fake tan (L'Oreal sublime gel) with moisturiser for my face and I find that it works very well x

  3. I am always scared to put fake tan on my face, mixing it with moisturiser tho really helps. xx

  4. ooo this is really helpful :) i almost always break out in spots if i put anything tan related near my face, thanks for the help lovely xx

  5. Really useful post! thanks so much :)




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