Thursday, June 23, 2011

In and Out #4

Hoodies: Namely, this one! I am not the type to wear any kind of sportswear, in fact I don't believe I own a single pair of trainers! However I have gotten so much wear out of this hoodie I hauled here. I really like the green, it is a good colour on me and I never knew it. Plus Care Bears?! Whats not to love? :o)

London, baby! I am super excited to be heading to London with my best friend Louise this afternoon, for the Aussie event, which is on Saturday. We went last year for a shopping trip and I am glad we are going again this summer! So funny though, last year we were tip-toeing around Harrods, thinking we weren't 'good' enough to buy anything (execpt Krispy Kreme in the food hall, YUM!). However I now know this is crazy and we shall be doing some serious damage in the beauty department this time. Below is a pic of me and Lou outside Buckingham palace last summer...

Unpacking: In actual fact, it was never 'in'. Below is the spare kitchen (don't ask) which is outside my bedroom, and the mountain of bin bags that I launched all of my junk from my College bedroom in when I moved out over a month ago! Ugh! I just don't have the storage for it all! This is all in addition to the double duvet that has been rolled up in the boot of my car all this time also.

Sickly-ness: So maybe a month ago I made the decision that I wasn't going to take any hayfever meds this summer. Ever since I moved to Ireland I have been plagued with a stuffy nose and streaming eyes all summer long, I really think the only way to get rid of this is to fight it by myself, deal with the symptoms and build up some resistance! By doing this I didn't quite notice the mild sinus infection coming along. But anyway, I finally got me some meds! But it tastes horrible!!!!

Finally, a little blogger peeps love...

Love H xoxo


  1. Haha, spare kitchen?! How big is your house!xx

  2. Spare kitchen!? lol wow! I've been loving hoodies, especially since I've been sick. Hope you are feeling better, enjoy London :) x

  3. Hope your feeling better, apparently local honey helps hayfever?xx

  4. Im loving the care bear hoodie :-) Hope you feel better for London!!
    x x

  5. Your care bear hoodie is adorable and I completely understand your dislike for unpacking. I moved home near the start of May and even now I've got a couple of boxes sitting in my room with clothes and stuff which I can't find a home for! xo

  6. Spare Kitchen? I'm intrigued! xx

  7. what a great blog! love the post! if you get the chance to check out my blog i would love for you to tell me your opinions on it. :) i'd really appreiciate it. :)

    follow me?

  8. I love this concept of in and out things!

    Love ur youtube too hun xx

    Elle xx


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