Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Need Your Help: Foundation

If any of you read my post about my HG No7 foundation being discontinued back in February, you will know that I stocked up on what was left in Boots at the time (all four pots!). Well today I came up to a sad realisation that I am almost half way through my final pot! :o(

I have decided that I will take the plunge into my new foundation routine when I am in London at the end of the month! This way I will have access to all the big brands (hello Harrods!) and of course it will work out cheaper for me paying in £££'s.

I am such a foundation novice, I have obviously heard about all of the big brands but I don't know what to look for. I have first hand experience with pushy MAC sales assistants so I don't want to go in and be railroaded into paying £30 for something thats so not right for me!

Ideally I would get samples and test them etc etc, but that just isn't possible as the closest high-end makeup counters are where I go to Uni, a two hour drive away.
I would really appreciate if you guys would help me choose a new foundation as I don't know where to look!
I don't mind paying for high-end as I figure I spend so much on blush, eyeshadow, lippie etc that I can afford to splurge on my 'base'.

This is what I need from my foundation:
~Full Coverage~
I suffer from more than occasional breakouts, and my face is blotchy and uneven coloured.
~Long Lasting~
I honestly think I would have a breakdown if my foundation started coming off during the day! Not asking for 48hr (lol) lasting, but that of a normal day, 8hr?
I don't have oily skin (dry, actually!) but I just cannot deal with 'dewy' skin. It looks fab on some people but just not me! I like my foundation to be completely matte and full coverage!
I take a lot of pictures and I have seen the evidence of how SPF can make you look super pale! I appreciate the benefits of SPF, however I don't want it in my foundation! :o)

To achieve the matte, full coverage foundation that I am after, I understand that a concealer and/or powder will be necessary. I am looking for a full foundation routine overhaul so any suggestions for those will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much for your help in advance!
H xoxo


  1. I use this foundation
    and it is by far the best foundation I have ever used in my life! It lasts all day, leaves my skin beautiful, and glowly, but not shiny and covers any marks or blemishes I have. and it also makes my skin super soft to touch! And its under a tenner so definitely worth a try!

  2. It's expensive but without a doubt i recomend Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Fleur de force and miss glamarazzi have been going on aba it for ages so last week I finally tried it and OMG it is amazing it gives sooo much coverage and lasts allday it litreally feels like a second layer of skin it is that smooth, I now know why they went on and on about it so much it is between £30 and £40. The one I was using before was a plain bourjois healthy mix one and they are very good as well xxx

  3. Helloooo gorgeous! I have tried so many high end foundations and I actually am not too keen on them! My fave foundation is Bourjois healthy mix which leaves you looking flawless and lasts a good 8 hours on me and also the Rimmel 25 hour foundation is the one I am using at the moment and on my 2nd bottle - Its full coverage, lasts all day, doesn't feel like you are wearing anything and I would highly recommend you try it before splurging big bucks on something you wont like.... Eeeek I wanna come shopping with you!! :) xxxx

  4. If you find a foundation that does all these things and doesn't contain SPF please let me know! I'm looking for one for my wedding in a few months time. Otherwise I'd definitely recommend Estee Lauder Double Wear. Has everything you're after except it contains SPF 15. Best foundation I've ever used! x

  5. Make Up For Ever is the absolute best stuff I have ever used. It is what they use in movies and photo shoots here.

  6. Whatever you do don't get estee lauder double wear, I rarely have spots but this foundation is so thick it instantly gives me spots after i take it off, I agree with Charli Rimmel lasting finish is amazing and has a built in primer, I have used it for quite a while.

    1. Double wear does not give spots. It could be something else going on with your skin. However, unless you wear a photogenic powder, double wear is too matte to use during photos. I would suggest double wear light

  7. i was going to suggest doublewear too, but it does have spf. i've never had a problem with it washing me out too much with flash though? might be because im super pale anyways! haha. i think you'll struggle to find one without the spf though love x

  8. I agree with Megan, Make Up Forever is your best bet. It stays put and doesn't change colors. Is that line available to you?

  9. If you find a good foundation with all your requirements, let me know. I'm after exactly the same thing! xD

  10. Have you tried bare essentials? It's my favorite foundation and I think offers the best coverage. Not to mention it really keeps your face clear since it's minerals and not liquid. I have a couple samples I could send you a foundation sample if youd like!


  11. i love double wear by estee lauder. Its a little thick so you can opt for the 'double wear light' version. To save money so im not buying it all the time, I mix it with a bit of revlon colorstay which is only 12-14 pounds. xxx

  12. I live in London and a lot of the stores here have MAC counters that will provide you with samples. I found the MAC foundations have excellent coverage.

    All the best,

  13. From what you've said I would recommend Estee Lauder Double Wear. Definitely my holy grail foundation, I will never be without it! However it does have spf, although I don't find it washes me out in flash. I've heard make up forever hd is also very similar in coverage and longevity and has no SPF! However this one is much harder to get hold of in the UK, they are stocked in a few stores in london, other than that it's online only which can be a pain when buying foundation!
    - Beth xx

  14. I use mac pro longwear and it easily lasts for 10 hours! and its really great coverage as well, makes my skin look really good even when its naturally unruly!

    maybe not the most matte of prducts but with a little powder it would set really nicely xx

  15. MUFE HD foundation is the best one hun for full coverage and for dry skin.

    I use it for nights out when I know there will be loads of pics taken lol xx

  16. Estee Lauder Double Wear !!! "Has everything you're after except it contains SPF 15. Best foundation I've ever used! " as someone said, and I agree with her. SPF though, is a good thing, it protect your face from the radiations and poluted air. I am a make-up artist and an assistant photographer and i can tell you that this foundation does it's job perfectlly ! Using flash it doesn't become transparent, like other make-up foundations does. And it's smooth, u don't feel it and doesn't accentuates your fine lines, like other foundations.
    I'm from Romania, so if i made any grammar mistakes, pls excuse me :)

    keep up the good job !

  17. I look for everything you do in a foundation, and would absolutely steer you as far away from Double wear as humanely possible.
    It yards to blend, hard to layer, and ends up crumbling off towards the end of the day.
    I have tried just about every premium brand foundation there is, and I am a firm hater of this foundation. And I LOVE a full coverage look.
    Hope that helps
    B.D ox

    1. I have no idea how you're putting on your foundation but I've never experienced anyone having that issue. Not to demean your experience, just wondering why you went through that and how you applied it


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