Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Day of Love!

Happy Valentines day everyone!
Not a huge fan of the holiday but hey, any excuse for pink in excess is always good for me.
I received this cute Valentines day card from the lovely people at Montagne Jeunesse with one of their yummy Passion fruit masks inside, this proved perfect for my mini V-Day prep last night. I love their peel off varieties  because I find them to be the quickest for fast impact without having to soak in a long bath for hours on end (the horror). This one is no different with a yummy scent and that oh-so satisfying peel off experience at the end! I have it as my mission to try out every single one in my local ASDA, since they're only £1 they're oh so simple to slip one (or two or three) into the trolley undetected!

Last night I just had to do the obligatory pink mani. I chose a pale pink that I used to death since I purchased it and reviewed it almost two years ago, it is almost all gone now but it is still a staple base coat! I topped it off with one of Models Own Discoball collection in Boogie Nights. I purchased 3 of these but never reviewed them, apart from dropping the gold version on my kitchen floor and sending it to Polish Heaven, I wasn't overly impressed by them as a whole. This is only because they dry to such an uneven surface so I will peel them which makes this mani only last a couple days. Regardless I think this combination looks just like a sprinkles cupcake and I do love it!

What are your plans for V-Day? I'm off to the aquarium!



  1. Happy Valentines day babe! The gold models own polish story made me slightly sad! xxx

    1. Thank you, same to you sweetie! I know, thats why I couldn't blog about them it made far too upset :o( xxxx

  2. Happy Valentines day!! I have yet to try these face masks, but at £1 each I think I best go to asda ;) xx

    1. Happy Valentines day to you too! Oh you should, you always get a couple uses out of them and they smell so good :o) xxx


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