Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This Makes Me Sad! Why oh why No7??

 Over a year ago, I found my "Holy Grail" make up product.
It all began when one day, after poisoning my poor teenage skin with the pore-clogging Elizabeth Arden compacts for literally years, I  felt that a time for change had arrived! Initially I borrowed my mums bottle of No7 Protect and Perfect foundation and liked it, so I tottered off down to boots to buy my own bottle. The lovely lady on the counter told me that foundation was aimed towards older skin, so she introduced me to my Saviour that is No7 Intelligent Balance Mousse Foundation. The reasons why I adore this foundation are endless; it doubles up as concealer (both blemishes and under eye circles) without much cakey-ness and it's light yet with good coverage. Hell I even bought my MAC 187 to use with this foundation, as it was specially recommended for me. I even keep it in two shades, Almond and Tan, so I can mix them to find my shade to match exactly how much false tan I am wearing that day.
L-Tan, Almond
R- Almond, Tan - Swatched lightly (Excuse random scribble on my hand!)
Now, imagine my horror when I popped into Boots the other day to buy some more, when the lady at the counter said the dreaded D-Word. Yes, discontinued. I think my mouth fell to the ground at that point, so she told me she had a couple of each left, she had no Almond, but four Tan pots left. So I did what any reasonable person would have done...
Thank God that No7 3 for 2 was on that day! :o)

From seeing how appalled I was at the loss of my favourite foundation ever (I assume), the lady gave me a rather generous sample of a new foundation she thought I might like, the Beautifully Matte foundation...
 All very good and well but I liked the mousse consistency, and to be honest I need coverage that a liquid foundation cannot give.
BIG mistake No7!
Have any of you lost a product you love to the dreaded D-word? Share your experiences below, I know that together we can all work through the pain. Sob.
Hannah xoxo


  1. hehe Cute post, felt like giving you a hug when you said discontinued :( I'd be gutted!!! Glad you got a few pots of it to do you until you find a new foundation :) xx

  2. Oh no that's terrible- especially when its such a vital product in your daily routine! I can't say I've had any makeup products I routinely used discontinued, but I know I'd put on a freakout show if they were!

    Hope those few last u forever :)

    <3 Megan

  3. I understand your pain! You did the right thing stocking up, keep looking for something else too! I would be devastated if they discontinued my favorite foundation. Thanks for sharing, I am a new follower :)

    Charlene xxxx
    A Cosmetic Affair

  4. i hate when they discontinue my fave products Click ♡

  5. Thats awful, there are some products I don't think I could live without and dread them being discontinued :(

  6. Thank you all so much! It's making me feel a little better :o)xxxx

  7. Oh no =( I hate it when a company does this! Lush discontinued my favourite shower - i have one bottle left and refuse to use it lol! I hope you find something that is even better =] xxx

  8. I wear this foundation to, its disgraceful that they have discontinued it.

    Hopefully they bring something else similar out.


  9. I've not experienced this, THANK GOD. But if Benefit ever discount Boi-ing I might kill myself. Loving the blog, and I'm definitely a new follower.

    check out and perhaps follow my blog back.

  10. My friend reccomended this to me, and now I know why I couldn't find it! Such a disappointment as I was looking forward to trying it out!
    P.S I love your blog I'm a new follower!

  11. Aw I'm sorry for your loss of you HG foundation </3, No7 need to sort it out! If Burt's Bees ever discontinue their lip balms I will have to go to therapy xx

  12. I used this for quite a while, but then noticed it was one of the causes for my spots. Shame really because it was a really nice foundation.
    I even went to have a look at what shade mine was, as I would have sent it to you, but unfortunately my shade was Buff which would be far to light for you.
    I hope you manage to find somewhere else that has some other shades in stock.
    By the way I only found your blog today and I love it, so I have now become your new follower.

  13. @Katie that's so good of you! Thanks for the thought :o) means a lot! Hopefully I will find another HG foundation... Eventually! Xxxx

  14. Oh my god, I am gutted - I have wanted to try this for so long but living in Australia they don't sell it here and couldn't find anywhere that shipped it here. :(

  15. Hi chick I was wondering if you knew what the colour 'Suede' is like in this foundation - I've found a fair few on ebay and really want to try but have no clue what the colour is like! xx


    Dont know if you've heard already but due to so many complaints No7 got they have brought it back, with less colours and slightly more expensive!x

  17. but how come they are still selling it on the webpage?


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